September 2018: Our Staff Picks

With so many options to choose from, selecting the perfect food for your pup can be overwhelming. This month, we thought we would share our staff’s personal favourite dog food picks and what makes them some of our most popular products.

 Michelle: “My greyhounds love Now! Large Breed Adult recipe from Petcurean because of its fresh ingredients and meal-free formula. The kibble pieces themselves are large and have ridges which help remove plaque from your dog’s teeth as they chew. This formula is made with a combination of duck, turkey and salmon which is nice for dogs with chicken sensitivities. Best of all, it is made right here in BC!”

 Emma: “I choose Hurraw dehydrated raw food, which is a new pet food on the market. I like that it gives your dog the health benefits of a raw diet but is served conveniently like a dry kibble. It’s made in Quebec which is great for customers who prefer to support Canadian made brands. Hurraw offers 3 flavour choices: Fish, Pork and Turkey and all the recipes are grain-free. I was very impressed with its list of natural, quality ingredients and our canine customers love it!”

 Brianne: “My staff pick is a line of tinned dog food – Dogs in the Kitchen from Weruva. My huskies love this as a topper on their meals and I’ve had many customers tell me it’s been a hit with their dogs too. We carry 6 different flavours which offer canine customers a good variety, and all of the recipes are grain-free.”

August 2018: Bringing Home a New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time, especially for a first time dog owner. New puppy owners enjoy shopping for the best food, treats and accessories. We recommend a food specific to puppies, to ensure proper nutrition for their growing bodies and calorie requirements. Nurturing the new addition will come easy, but puppies will benefit from having a knowledgeable and disciplined owner. “Start the way you mean to continue” from day one; if you don’t want your full-grown dog to sleep on your bed, don’t let your puppy sleep on the bed. Crate training is a good idea if you work outside the home, to avoid unwanted chewing or accidents in the house.

It’s important to start socializing your puppy once you both have settled in. You and your puppy need positive interactions. Aim for 100 new interactions (people, places, or things) in 100 days. Consider enrolling your puppy in an obedience and/or socialization class with an experienced trainer to introduce him/her to a wide range of new situations. You might even decide to meet up for play-dates outside of class! Regular exercise is another must since their youth and curiosity make puppies endless balls of energy. Finding a dog-friendly park or trail to explore with your puppy is a great idea, and luckily in Victoria, we have many to choose from!